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MacDougall PowerWood Bats

Buy a MacDougall Solid Wood Bats

BBCOR.50 Baum Baseball Bats
Baum Bats in Stock order yours now on PayPal $177 plus $15 for USPO Priority Mail Shipping.

Buy a Baum Composite
Wood Bat

Brett BBCOR .50 Baseball Bats

Brett Composite Wood Bat
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Baseball  Leather Wallet
Baseball Wallet

Baseball  Leather Wallet

Baseball iPad Cover

The iPad Cover made for Baseball Players with the same materials that make real baseballs

A Genuine Baseball iPad Cover Made from Genuine Baseball Leather with Real Red Stitching   

makes a great Christmas present or any baseball fan, birthday gift for a baseball
 player, end of the season gift for baseball coaches, Father's Day gift for a sports dad.
iPad Cover

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Wood Bat Baseball Season
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Wood Bats 4 Sale
See our NEW 
Plastic Poly BP baseballs that
just  don't break

What's this for?
To hit the ball
you have
to swing the bat...
Hear the Bat Swoosh
Hear the ball go!
Bat weight and bat speed training in one

Baseball Bats
Baseball Equipment
Ionic Braded Necklaces
Sun Glasses
Titanium Necklaces


Rotator Cuff Tears: Frequently Asked Questions



Dr. Scholl's

Chuck and Eddie's


Shoulder Ice Wrap / Shoulder Heat Wrap, Knee, Ankle, Wrist, Back, Elbow Wrap

Power Hitting Hitting Jack-IT
Training System


KR3 Rock Hard Barrel design, never loses it pop.
The All Wood Bat of the Future which has been tested in Canadian College labs and has been the focus of
KR3's R&D department for over 5 years. Hickory Magnum is in Stock ready to Ship

KR3 is a wood bat company who knows the wood bat business. Located in Canada with access to the best wood in North America both Pro and Amateur Wood bats have been in use since 1908. Throughout the past 100 years skills and techniques were past down through many generations of families whose dedication and passion to be the best bat makers paid off. Over 70,000 Major League bats were made in the Pro Shop here at this factory. KR3 was created from a desire to carry on this history, tradition and skill by choosing to take the Pro Shop and open its doors to make real professional bats for ball players within all levels of baseball. Offering the highest quality products and service to all of our customers is our first priority. Whether you choose in-stock or custom turning all of our bats are made to Major League standards.
KR3 Maple Magnum Composite

BBCOR .50 3 month warranty
KR3 Hickory Magnum Composite
BBCOR .50 6 month warranty

Team USA


If you’re looking to preserve a glove full of memories, break in and customize a new glove, repair and relace your current glove, or just aren't ready to give up on your favorite game glove yet, look no further. We can repair gloves in all conditions, whether your laces are simply coming loose, some laces are broken, or your entire glove is dried up, cracking and falling apart. We can replace padding, relace entire gloves, and clean and condition gloves no matter their age or condition. Don't waste valuable time and money buying and breaking in a new glove Let us put life back into the glove you already own and love. We specialize in restoring glove of all conditions to their previous state. Keep your use your favorite glove for years to come Glove Relace 818825 5501

How do you break in a glove?
Breaking in your glove is by far one of the hardest services to do to your glove and there are many different ways to do this. This process is what we do at We use the product Glove Honey by Glovesmith and have found that it has provided the best results. Coat the entire glove without over saturating the leather. Once the glove is oiled, placed the glove in a zip-lock bag and seal. Then place the bag (with your glove in it) on the dashboard of your car, during the day in the heat. Leave it in there for about an hour and then remove. Once you remove the glove you want to play catch right away (the glove will be hot) but your glove will also feel very broken in. The glove will stiffen back up again, but if you do this process for 1-2 weeks your glove will be game ready. You can view a video of this service her: How to Break in a Baseball Glove


Easton 7' Collapsible L Screen



The Shoulder Shield Story

The Shoulder Shield is revolutionary in design
for the athletic sports person
and was designed by athletes, for athletes. The Shoulder Shield's innovative design promotes health in the user's shoulder and elbow joints without limiting mobility or restricting performance. The neoprene sleeve accomplishes this by trapping body heat into these injury prone areas, thus diminishing wearand tear on joints, ligaments, and muscles causedby inadequate circulation and the constant heating and cooling of the muscles and joints.  Red, Blue,  and Black
as seen on


custom-made varsity letterman jacket


Photoballs cycling bag, free shipping,






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Wood bats 4 Sale

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Baseball Field Covers for
Mound and Home Plate




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